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Brand Spotlight; Stirrd

We’re always searching for great Subscriptions to list in our Gifts section and one of our latest partners is Stirrd, a Harrogate-based company who make the most scrumptious confectionery. We asked Kate at Stirrd to tell us a bit more about her company and their delicious treats.

What is Stirrd?

“We are a brand obsessive about flavour. The single defining trait of our small Harrogate team is that each and every one of us are dyed in the wool foodies – and we’re constantly on the look-out for tempting new tastes.

We're inspired by everything from childhood memories to special holidays and great nights out. That's why we've created everything from Spiced Hot Cross Bun Fudge to Sicillian Lemon Coconut Squares and Pink Gin Mallow.

What makes the products made at Stirrd so sublime?

It's the stirring that makes our confectionery so special. Each batch of fudge, brittle, coconut ice, honeycomb or mallow we make is lovingly stirred by hand. And each month - in our obsessive quest for taste perfection - we stir in unexpected, delicious new flavour combinations for our customers to enjoy.

We only ever cook in small batches to guarantee quality and our fudge is still stirred in vast old copper pans, because it tastes properly amazing that way.

Forget the fudge you had at the beach and banish all thoughts of sweet shop brittle. This is what you've been missing all your life. The real deal. The melt in your mouth, good-for-the-soul stuff; and once you've tasted it, you'll never look back.”

Stirrd treats come in one-off gift boxes, or you can purchase a monthly gift subscription for either yourself or a lucky recipient. Try it and we promise you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Buy a Stirrd Subscription Box here.

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