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Great Gifts For January Birthdays

January is, without any doubt, the hardest month to buy gifts in. If you've ever had family or friends with birthdays this month, you'll know that they've just gotten whatever they wanted most for Christmas and probably struggle to think of anything else that they'd like. However, there's still a great list of things you could get that will still be amazing gifts. Here are a few easy strategies for January gift-giving.

Go Back To Their Christmas List

It's always a good idea to start by trying to figure out if they missed out on any gifts for Christmas. This applies doubly if you're buying for kids, who might still have a physical Christmas list you can look at.

New Year's Resolutions

The biggest difference this month is that many people will have recently undertaken New Year's Resolutions. If you're buying for someone with a New Year's Resolution, try looking for gifts connected to that resolution.

If they've pledged to be more mindful, for example, you could buy them a book that deals with mindfulness or a set of calming prompt cards.

Home Decor

Lots of people are starting off 2021 by revamping ahead of another year working from home, so decor gifts are always welcomed. Try focusing on things that could work in a home office.

Gifts That Keep Giving

If you're buying for someone still overwhelmed by Christmas gifts, try buying a subscription gift that will spread the joy over a few months. This way they get a smaller gift every month and don't have to find room in their home for yet more stuff.

Send A Lockdown Distraction

Following the announcement of the third national lockdown, it might be a good idea to focus your gift on giving your loved one something to occupy themselves with in this lockdown. Try sending a good recipe book or a sewing club subscription.

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