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Quick Décor Tips to Update Your Home!

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to transform the interior of your home and give it a completely new look. Now whilst you might be thinking that means

extensive redecorating, that’s not the case. We’ve put together our five top décor tips that can quickly update your home in 2020:


Tired of that plain looking wall? Looking to add that pop of colour to your home? Adding a vibrant piece of art to your walls will draw guest’s attention and make your walls a feature! Check out our current art range here.


Another great way to transform the look of your home is to treat yourself to new furniture. From a new sofa to a stunning new table, whatever it might be it will completely transform the look of your room. At Duck and Hive, we have a range of furniture suitable for any décor.


Want to create the illusion of space? Open your rooms out by adding one of our stunning mirrors to your walls and you’ll be surprised how such a small addition can transform your interior décor.


Sometimes, updating the décor of your home is as simple as tidying away some of that clutter and Duck and Hive’s range of storage solutions will give your home a tidier look and keep it clear from disorder.


Add some life and a splash of colour to your home with some potted plants. At Duck and Hive, our artificial plants are perfect for those looking to update their décor but who need a low maintenance and long-lasting solution!

So why not refresh your home this spring with some of the quick and easy décor updates we offer? Sign up to our mailing list today and you can receive a 25% off Welcome Gift!

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