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Thank You Notes Aren't Just For Christmas!

In many places, it's considered good manners to send a thank-you note after reciept of a gift of gesture. With Christmas fast approaching, here's everything you need to know about when to send them and what to send.

When Do I Send a Thank You Note?

Most people nowadays aren't sticklers for traditional etiquette, so nobody's likely to be massively insulted if you don't send them every time you traditionally should. However, being the sort of person who remembers to send thank-you notes will make the people you love feel appreciated. As a general rule of thumb, a thank-you note should be sent;

- If someone has sent you a gift by post, whether for Christmas or for a Birthday/ Anniversary

- If someone has thrown an event for you

- Any time someone volunteers to help you do something, i.e setting up an event, moving house, et cetera

- If someone hosts you at their house overnight

- If you're invited to a dinner party

If the gift is being sent in sympathy, condolence or after a hospital visit, nobody will expect you to be writing them formal thank-you cards; they've sent that gift to show you their support and will understand if you have more important things to focus on. However, once you feel up to it, a note or text will show that you appreciated their gesture.

How Should a Thank You Note Be Addressed?

The name on the front of the envelope should reflect the relationship you have with the person; if you're sending a note to your sibling or close family you probably don't need to bother with a full title. Otherwise, go for the most formal version of their name.

Although traditionally you should address married couples as 'Mr and Mrs', beware of the fact that many women choose not to take their husband's last name, and don't use that greeting unless you're absolutely sure that they have the same last name.

What Should a Thank You Note Say?

Aside from the obvious (that it should say thank-you), the note should say what exactly you're thankful for, in a way that shows you've thought about what you're writing and are really grateful. Here are some examples;

For a Christmas gift:

Dear Mum,

Thank you so much for the necklace! It's exactly what I wanted and goes so well with everything! I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and I can't wait to hopefully see you soon.



For a favour;

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for all your help on Saturday! The kids had such a great time- I think it was the best birthday party we've ever thrown, and I honestly couldn't have done it without you!



As you can see, these notes don't just say thank-you, they also tell the person why they're thankful and show that the gift was really appreciated. Shy away from the usual 'Hi, Thanks for..... ' notes and go for something more personal.

It's also worth remembering that in order to write good thank-you notes, you need to remember what it is that you're saying thank-you for, so come Christmas morning remember to make a note somewhere of who sent what.

Finally, remember that these notes aren't a chore; they're just a really good way of showing the people who love and support you that you're grateful to have them in your life.

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