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Your Perfect Scent: A Guide to Home Fragrance

Have you ever had a 99 without a flake?

Spoiler! It’s quite disappointing…

Everyone knows it’s the small details that bring true joy.

A house without a scent is like a cake without candles, toast

without butter, a scone without jam - you get the point…

Beautifully decorated from top to bottom and full of family fun.

There is no denying your house is a gorgeous place to live.

But why not add a splash of personality with your favourite


It really is the Flake you’ve been waiting for.

How to fragrance your home:

Here are three of the best ways to release your perfect homely


1. Candles

Little tubs of wax bursting with aroma.

They are perfect for creating atmosphere when you need to relax and unwind.

Candles offer an instant scent. They are a great way to rejuvenate a room with a quick spark.

When scattered around the home, candles are the perfect decoration. Handy little bursts of fragrance that also look great!

Light, sit back, relax and let the scent take over.

2. Room Sprays

Another instant pick me up for your interior.

They are perfect for creating atmosphere when you need to relax and unwind.

A brilliant way to hide unwanted smells. The fragrance attaches to furniture

and surfaces.

A lovely way to refresh a stale room.

3. Diffusers

Perfect for slow release and long lasting fragrance.

Diffusers use scented oil and reed sticks. The oil runs up and soaks the sticks. Filling your home with a natural and constant fragrance.

Diffusers are subtle when dotted around the home. They also make a great feature on tables and windowsills.

How to find your perfect scent:

When hunting your ideal home fragrance, there are two main things

to consider.

1. What room are you in?

2. What mood do you want to create?

Mix and match to find your perfect aroma.

Scents by Room:

The Kitchen: Add a Little Flavour

The kitchen calls for a bright and welcoming scent. One that

diffuses pesky cooking smells, but isn’t overbearing.

Breathe a little life into your kitchen with a Citrus scent. Try

lemon or orange for a zingy pop of fresh air.

This Grapefruit and Basil diffuser is the perfect choice for the

kitchen. A subtle fragrance for a fresh zesty room. Always present

but not overpowering.

The Office: Stimulate Your Mind

It’s time for some energy boosting!

Feeling tired and deflated as you work? Inject a little spark into

the room with a minty fresh candle.

Peppermint is perfect for brainstorming! It stimulates the mind

and encourages concentration.

A discrete workout for your nostrils which gets the brain pumping.

The Bedroom: A Relaxing Aroma

Lavender - a classic yet fabulous choice.

The bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. Lavender promotes sleep.

It really is the perfect de-stressing scent.

Other great options are chamomile or peach. They add a soft, light fragrance to the room.

The Lounge: Fragrance for the Family

Usually the hub of activity.

Whether you’re watching TV or hosting friends, the living room scent should be light and airy. An agreeable fragrance for all noses.

Vanilla or sandalwood are calming and discreet. Soft linen or

cotton scents are also soothing yet fresh.

Find a lovely diffuser for your windowsill to leave a lasting airy home fragrance.

Dot candles around the room for when you need an extra burst of energy. They also create the perfect atmosphere for a midnight movie!

Scents by Atmosphere:

Energy Boosting - Peppermint, Rosemary and Pine

For a motivational room, you need a scent that keeps the creative

juices flowing. Try invigorating peppermint to awaken the mind.

Rosemary is also a great choice. It helps fight fatigue and

overcome painful headaches.

For a natural earthy fragrance, try a Pine scent. It is sweet,

sharp and refreshing. The perfect Monday morning pick-me-up!

Fresh & Clean - Citrus and Coconut

Nothing is more welcoming than the smell of fresh summer air.

Citrus scents are crisp and fresh. A good mood booster all round.

Coconut is a subtle yet pleasing fragrance. It is light and airy,

with a hint of tropical vibes.

I love this Bahama Breeze candle from Duck and Hive. Coconut and fragrance.

It’s a walk along the beach in the summer

evening breeze.

Romantic - Rose, Jasmine and Musk

Candles, candles, candles!

Nothing says romance like a

candlelit dinner.

For special occasions try a floral scent like Rose or Jasmine. Both are ultra calming, and their sweet tones whisper hints of allure and charm.

Jasmine is also often used to calm anxiety. A great way to combat

first date nerves…

For a natural, earthy fragrance try Musk. This scent is unique and

recognisable. A strong but smooth smell that works well for a

romantic ambience.

Warm and Cosy - Cinnamon, Pumpkin and Sandalwood

Christmas in a nutshell. Cinnamon and pumpkin spice are warm and comforting, like a mug of hot cocoa.

These fragrances work well in the lounge as the weather becomes colder.

For those less captivated by Christmas, try using a Sandalwood

scent. Sandalwood is warm and inviting.

A cosy evening in, tucked up with the scent of a warm toasty fire?

Yes please!

Soft and Delicate - Soft Cotton, Vanilla and Honey

Like a fresh fluffy towel straight out of the washing machine.

Soft Cotton is a clean and innocent smell. Great for use around

the whole home!

Vanilla is relaxing and subtle. A smooth fragrance that is delicate yet sweet.

Honey is soft and restful. It’s sweetness is fresh and soothing,

promoting a tranquil atmosphere.

Flirty and Vivacious - Passion fruit, Rum and Strawberry

Looking to add that extra “oomph”?

Tropical flavours are exciting and inviting.

Try a sweet, tasty fragrance such as Passion Fruit or Strawberry.

These scents are strong but tasteful and will charge the room with

a bright, enticing energy.

A Rum scent is also be a great choice. It suggests a summer

evening at the beach bar. It’s sweet yet seductive.

Pretty much a cocktail in a candle!

Relaxing - Lavender, Chamomile and Rose

There is nothing better than a relaxing bath with calming candles.

Lavender is naturally soothing. Perfect to help you drift off to

sleep with ease.

Chamomile and Rose are both comforting and gentle. They relieve

tension and induce restfulness.

For a blissful, relaxing treat try this luxury lavender, chamomile

How are you feeling?

Whatever your mood, there is a perfect scent to match.

Add a little spirit into your home with your unique home fragrance.

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