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Know someone who loves a cup of tea? Give them a truly unique gift like a six month subscription to Bruu gourmet tea club! Around the 1st of each month (for 6 months) Bruu sends the lucky recipient a personalised box containing 3 different teas hand-picked to match their personal taste profile. Only the finest ingredients are used in all Bruu teas which ensures maximum flavor and taste. With over 40 cups of tea in each delivery it's sure to last them too. Simply send them the gift voucher, which we email to you, then leave the rest to Bruu. Oh...and you won't find Bruu teas anywhere else - they are reserved for their tea club members.
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1. Choose between either a 3, 6 or 12 month gift voucher
2. We'll email you the personalised gift voucher
3. Give the lucky recipient the gift voucher by printing or emailing it to them
4. The recipient then activates their subscription and tell us their tea preferences
5. Next time you visit them you're at least guaranteed an awesome cuppa!


  • New taste experiences delivered to the door
  • Gourmet teas made using only the finest ingredients
  • Taste teas that you would never see in a supermarket
  • Personalised box of tea delivered free each month for 6 months



"I'm a bit of a tea snob, tried them all, but nothing has come close to BRUU. The flavor profiles and balance of the teas I've had so far are nothing short of genius!"
Isabel Knowles - Harrogate


"I am so glad my partner bought me this tea club subscription, I look forwards to each delivery and the teas have been amazing"
Jessica Spencer - Paighton


"I've loved every tea I've been sent since I joined. My favorite so far is the 'Pina Colada Green' which smells amazing and tastes just as good. I can't wait till my next delivery!"
Hwe Pang, Bristol


"I never knew tea could taste so good"
Dylan King - Sterling

6 Month Bruu Tea Club Subscription

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