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AS SEEN IN TATLER! A Baboo Box subscription is the perfect pregnancy survival kit and makes the perfect gift for a pregnant partner, friend, family member or yourself! Within each box there is  carefully curated collection of products specifically chosen for each trimester which we make the journey through pregnancy an easier one. Simply click on the recipient's current trimester and you they will then receive the corresponding box and a box for each further trimester, until the baby is born! 


What Does Each Box Contain?


First Trimester Box - Morning Wellness

This box is ideal from the start of pregnancy onwards and is perfect for combating nausea. The box contains:

  • Anatomicals Bergamot and Green Ginger Body Butter - Pregnancy can really dry the skin.  Intensely moisturise and nourish the skin with this rich formula. It is gently scented with Bergamot and Green Ginger to uplift the senses and help ease anxiety.
  • Dermalogica Hormonal Skin Kit – Brighten uneven skin tone and minimise hyperpigmentation with these pregnancy safe skin care essentials.
  • Myrtle&Maude Peppermint BonBons – These melt in the mouth bonbons are made with peppermint oil and enriched with vitamin B6. The perfect relief during the first trimester.
  • Trouser Extender– Accommodate your expanding tummy with these handy trouser extenders, no need for a new pair of jeans just yet!
  • Pregnancy Bingo– Cried at an advert? Sick at work? Cross them off for a bit of fun!
  • Fruit and veg stickers- A great way to keep up to date with the size of your growing baby.
  • Mocktail Card + Accessories– A mocktail recipe card with a paper straw and umbrella so you don’t feel left out at the party!


Second Trimester Box - Well Hello BumpBox 

This box is ideal from week 16 onwards and is perfect for aiding sleep. This box contains:

  • Guinot Body Sculpt Creme– Keep stretch marks at bay, morning and night,  with this luxurious body cream. 
  • SBC Lavender and Water Lily bath and Shower Creme– Relieve dry and dehydrated skin while calming the mind with this moisturising shower creme. 
  • Night Owl Tea– Sleep is going to get harder soon so have a cup of this naturally caffeine free, lavender and chamomile tea with a little honey before bed!
  • Sleep Mask– A satin soft sleep mask to block the light and help with that elusive sleep. Top Tip: pack this in your hospital bag in case of an overnight stay!
  • Sass and Belle Note Book- Keep track of things you wanted to ask at the midwife appointments or write your hospital bag list in this pretty handbag size note book.
  • Bra extenders- So you don't have to buy expensive new bras just yet.
  • Midwife appointment stickers– Keep track of your next appointment with a sticker in the diary.
  • Mocktail Card + Accessories- Close your eyes and pretend it's the real thing!


Third Trimester Box - The Big Push

This box is ideal from week 28 onwards and is perfect for easing aches and pains. This box contains:

  • Akamuti Honey and Chamomile Lip Balm– Keep lips soft with this  hydrating lip balm. Top tip: The lips can get very dry due to the gas and air during labour. Make sure you pack this one in your hospital bag.  
  • SBC Leg Gel– This cooling and refreshing gel provides rapid relief to puffy ankles and feet.
  • The Little Herb Hut Wheat bag - Hand made wheat bag, heat it up in the microwave to ease tired muscles or chill in the freezer to soothe swollen feet.
  • Motherlylove Massage Oil - Award winning pregnancy and labour massage oil. The relaxing combination of oils soothe the emotions and promote a peaceful nights sleep. 
  • Wooden Massage Roller– ease any aches and pains with this wooden massage roller. Roll it in your hands or under your feet or get someone else to roll it over your back.
  • Astrology Chart Voucher– 15% off a hand crafted, personalised astrology chart from Morris Astrology.
  • Baboo Box Baby Brain Busters- Make a cuppa, put your swollen feet up and and have a go these pregnancy puzzles!
  • Mocktail Card + Accessories- To enjoy at the baby shower!

Fourth Trimester Box - The Final Delivery:

This box is for Mum and baby and contains:

  • Baboo Box Himalayan Bath Salts – Salts are known to help ease tired muscles and repair damaged skin. Put a handful of salts in your bath to speed up recovery post-birth.
  • Kokoso Coconut Oil– This 100% natural and organic oil is a silky body butter, a baby massage oil, a makeup remover and so much more.
  • Good Bubble Bubble Bath– Suitable for newborns upwards, contains no nasties and is made from 98% naturally derived ingredients. Perfect for your babies sensitive skin.
  • Mamas Secret Shop Teething Necklace– These beautiful handmade necklaces are made from food grade silicone beads. Something pretty for mum and handy for a teething baby!.
  • Space Mask- This jasmine infused sleep mask heats up once opened to send you off to a deep sleep. Perfect for getting back to sleep after those night feeds.
  • Munchkin White Hot Safety Duck- Reveals the word "HOT" when the bath is too hot.  Fun, easy for little hands to grasp and water tight to prevent sinking and mildew. The perfect bath time companion.
  • Baboo Box Alternative Milestone Cards– A bit of fun to capture the not so perfect times of having a new baby!
  • Mocktail/Cocktail Card +Accessories– A recipe card that can be alcohol free or add a little Prosecco. The choice is yours. Either way add the umbrella and paper straw!


 * Products may vary slightly depending on availability.



"I have received 2 Baboo boxes as gifts - first and second trimester. What a lovely surprise to receive! They certainly help to cheer you up when you are experiencing the less glamorous side of pregnancy (like continual nausea...) Great contents. Can't wait for the next one!" - Holly

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