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Hundreds of parents are switching to the Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor, the multi-award winning Smart Baby Monitor of 2020.


The monitor sends real-time alerts on baby's breathing, temperature, crying, sleep and roll on tummy, 24/7, at home and on-the-go, for the ultimate peace of mind.


A revolution in baby monitoring, it helps you to get more sleep and reduce your parental anxieties. 

When your baby needs you, real-time notifications are sent to the Parent Wristband and Mobile App. The Bluebell app tracks nap time, nappy changes, pumping and feeds to create a routine as your baby grows. You can invite grandparents and babysitters to the app so they can instantly get to know your baby’s schedule.


The app can also be used to control the Smart Hub in your baby’s nursery. Remotely play lullabies, white noise, adjust nightlight, check room temperature and listen-in and speak to your baby to soothe and comfort them if they become unsettled.



Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor

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