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Time wasted untangling your in-ear headphones can be better spent listening to the music you love!  WRAPS Talk Anti Tangle In-Ear Headphones may look like an ordinary set of headphones, but they have a hidden and very handy feature, transforming into a fashion bracelet! Instead of storing your headphones in your bag or pocket when you’re finished with them, simply wrap the braided cable around your wrist and lock in place. WRAPS patented technology allows them to fit any wrist size securely. WRAPS Talk In-Ear Headphones don't compromise on sound quality either as each headphone is fitted with an impressive 10mm Dynamic driver, delivering awesome sound every time. Don’t want to wear them on your wrist? No problem! You can wrap them around pretty much anything for a clever and convenient storage solution. Perfect for listening to music OR talking to friends & family on the go with a one button mic which allows you to listen to music, skip & pause tracks and make calls on the go without touching your device. Special textured cabling not only provides a more durable headphone but makes it a bracelet for the fashion conscious. The headphones are also adapter friendly - it works with all smart device jack adapters.

Includes: 3 silicone tip sizes to fit any ear

Warranty: 2 years

WRAPS Talk-In Ear Headphones With Microphone - Camo

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