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This Moroccan Eye Mirror in silver White Brass is a traditional shape and rustic in appearance but with a contemporary feel. Crafted by hand by a skilled artisan using traditional metalwork techniques, this minimalist wall mirror is perfect for any space. 


As the mirrors are handmade it is important to note that these mirrors are made without the use of modern machinery and as such any slight imperfections are an integral feature of the product. Norredine cuts the brass designs using a pair of large scissors and shapes the edges by patiently tapping with a hammer over a metal form.


The result is a handcrafted mirror in which is invested hours of labour rather than a highly polished mass produced product virtually untouched by the human hand.


  • Ethically Handmade in Morocco
  • White Brass and Glass
  • H22cm x W30cm

Moroccan White Brass Mirror