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3 Unexpected Sources Of Anxiety And Stress

Not everything that causes our tension to rise is obvious. Sometimes our daily habits and environment are contributing or primary factors. Here are 3 unexpected sources of anxiety and stress that you can easily address.


Clutter happens! We rush in and out of the house and from one commitment or activity to the next. Along the way, we may leave a trail of misplaced items. Over time the clutter becomes more than just a disorganised eyesore but a visual stressor that can zap productivity. Ease this stressor by investing in home and office organisational solutions that make it easy to pop things back in place.


Multi-tasking used to be all the rage, but it often decreases the quality of each task being performed. Decision fatigue is a growing concern, meaning we can only make so many sound decisions in a given day, so make the switch to mono-tasking. This is the process of dedicating uninterrupted time to one task at a time. Turning off or silencing all communication channels while mono-tasking is a must. Most of us check our mobile phones 80 or more times a day, leaving us constantly distracted and shifting gears. Also, consider scheduling unplugged times each day, such as the first and last hour of the day, a 2-hour block at work each day, and anytime you are in a meeting or dining with someone else.

Bedtime Stressors

How we spend the last hour before bedtime plays a vital role in the quality of our sleep and in turn, our level of stress. Here are a few ways to wind down at night, even when stress is high:

· No watching the news or anything disturbing like a psychological thriller

· No electronics in the bedroom, except for your e-reader

· If you use your mobile phone as your alarm clock, silence all alerts

· Create a relaxing bedtime ritual such as gentle stretching, using a meditation app, or lighting an aromatherapy candle

· Upgrade your bed if it is not comfortable

· Invest in sleep aids like speciality pillows for your knees, a heated or cooling mattress pad, or a soothing sound machine.

· Ensure the temperature is comfortable and conducive to sleeping

· Head to bed and wake up at approximately the same time each day to help regulate rest and wake hormones

With just a few changes you can take stress and anxiety down a few notches.

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