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- Great Gift Ideas For Best Friends

With the vast majority of us being physically separated from our closest friends, it's hard to find good ways to let them know that you're thinking about them. A small thoughtful gift, or a card, goes a long way to showing them that they're still on your mind. Here are some great, creative ideas for ways to surprise them.

Create A Care Package

This is a really simple, easy way to show someone you're thinking about them, especially if they've been going through a rough patch lately. It's also a great idea because you can personalise it to suit them, but if you're stuck for inspiration, you can't go wrong with relaxation products and chocolate.

Do Something Together

Another good idea might be to find an activity that you could do together over the phone- for example, lockdown baking or sewing. If you want to take it up a level, you could always invest in the same subscription service and tackle each month's project together online.

Give Them A Project

If you're buying for the sort of person who likes learning new skills and tackling new projects, you could always try finding something that they haven't learnt how to do yet, and sending them the tools to get started.

Have A Lockdown Drinks Night

Send them some alcohol, the right glassware and the stuff they'll need to make cocktails and have a drink over the phone- it's not quite the same as having one in a bar or pub, but you do get the added fun of learning how to make your favourite drinks from scratch.

Send A Subscription

Subscription gifts are great because they keep giving over time- you can make a one-time payment and be giving someone a gift each month for three months. These can be anything, depending on the recipient's interests, from vinyl records to street food to classical literature.

Write Letters

A great way to pass the time and show someone you're thinking about them is to write them a note- not only is it fun to find nice stationery and actually hand-write something for a change, but you'll also get the excitement of waiting for a reply to arrive.

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