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7 Ways To Show Your Appreciation and Say 'Thank You'

It might be a cliche, but it is true to say that nobody is an island. What that also means is that nobody gets through life without having to say 'thank you' to the people who've helped them along the way. As well-appreciated as a good 'thank you' is sometimes, it's also sometimes not quite enough to express your appreciation, so we've compiled a list of a few good ways to show your appreciation.

With a Thoughtful Card or Note

With a thoughtful note or card

If saying it verbally isn't quite enough but buying a present might be going overboard, maybe consider writing them a thoughtful card. Rather than just writing a note that says 'Thank You', really take time to express why you appreciate them and what it is you need to thank them for.

With Chocolate

If you need to thank someone but don't know what they'd like, chocolate is always a safe bet. Not many people regularly buy themselves really high-quality chocolate, so getting given some is always nice.

With Alcohol

If you know that the person drinks, it might be a good idea to buy them alcohol- the lockdown equivalent of buying them a drink to say 'Thank You'

With a Surprise Gift

You can always show that you've been listening to them by surpising them with something you know they want but wouldn't buy for themselves. If you can't think of anything along those lines, try surprising them with a subscription based on something they care about, like literature or music- for example, the Willoughby Book Club or the Retro Vinyl Club.

With Jewelry

If you're looking to show your appreciation with something that lasts, a piece of jewelry will stand the test of time and show that you know what they like.

With a Gift Box

If none of these options seem appropriately personal, try creating your own gift box; adding in things that you think the person would need or want. For example, if they work long hours or have small children they might want relaxation items, or if they like to cook you could include something from our 'foodie' section

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