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A Survival Guide for Buying Gifts for Young People

For some people, the advent of the festive season is accompanied by the dawning realisation that you'll have to buy a present for the cousin/niece/grandchild that you haven't seen in forever. More importantly, you've got no clue what they might be into.

Buying presents for young people is a difficult game, because they live in an entirely different world with an entirely different frame of reference. Like most other things, it's also been made harder by the quarantine, because we can't see each other in person. Here are some suggestions for figuring it out.

Although everyone will have different tastes, something for their room is as safe a bet as you'll find- everyone will have some use for something like fairy lights, or a set of glow-in-the-dark stickers that they can use to add a personal touch.

2. Stationery

If they're in school or sixth form, stationery is always a good idea- it's something that they'll definitely be able to use without making presumptions as to what they do or don't like.

3. Tech

Everyone is reliant on technology this year, in order to be able to see friends, chat to family and even attend school, so a gift of some nice headphones or a phone accessory might be a nice touch.

4. Food

You'd be hard-pushed to find anybody on the planet that doesn't like to eat, so edible gifts are always a great idea. Go for something that they wouldn't ordinarily buy for themselves, like a nice set of chocolates.

This set of handcrafted chocolate bars comprise Orange Liquorice, Super Dark, Peanut Butter, Spices, Tahini and Incan Berry flavours.

5. Subscriptions

If you want to get really personal, a subscription box is a great gift that does all of the selecting for you- you just have to pick what kind of box you'd like to send and for how many months, and you'll have a gift that literally keeps on giving.

Simply list some things the recipient enjoys and the Willoughby Book Club will take care of the rest, delivering a new, hand selected book each month.

Each month, the recipient recieves a different baking kit to try, with ingredients ready-mixed to make life easy.

6. Games

Anything they can use to bond with their friends is a great idea- try buying a game for playdates or sleepovers!

Simple, bright and fun- this is the game that gives you the answers before the questions.

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