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Boxing Day Fun For All The Family

It's a scene you're probably familiar with; Christmas is over, presents are all opened, and all of a sudden you've got a whole day together and nowhere to be. The question of how to keep everyone entertained on the day after the most exiting day of the year has plagued every family at some point or another. Here are our top suggestions for a great Boxing Day;

Crack Out The Board Games!

A board game is the quintessential Boxing Day activity, but it's probably time to retire the three old ones that are sat in the cupboard missing half of their pieces and get some newer, more interesting ones in.

Watch A Film

This is a great idea in conjunction with any snacks you might have been gifted; settle everyone down under the coziest blankets you own and polish off any Christmas films you haven't seen yet this year.

Take A Walk

If you're still feeling that extra helping of stuffing, it's always a good idea to make a healthy choice and go and do some exercise. Take a walk around your neighborhood and appreciate the lights and decorations.

Have Brunch

If you still feel like you could handle more carbs, making brunch with the whole family is a great way to fit some more quality time into the weekend. If you're planning ahead, you could even pick up a few bits to make this more fun.

Find Homes for your Gifts

For the more organisationally-minded, there's nothing more satisfying than putting all of your gifts in their new homes. You could even grab some extra storage to make this easier.

Boxing Day Treasure Hunt

If you're looking to go all-out, hold a few last presents or some chocolate over and set up a treasure hunt for your family. Write clues on leftover gift tags and leave them around the house until they find the present.

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