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Brand Spotlight - Ubiety

Duck & Hive carefully selects the brands we partner with. Our first priority is providing you with luxurious gifts, greeting cards and personal options for home, beauty, and self-care. Next, we confirm each brand’s vision is aligned with our values. As a company that gives 100% of its profits back to Dorothy House Hospice Care, Ubiety represents everything we embody.

The Ubiety Brand

There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding home fragrance and skincare products, but we were looking for something special. With a belief that nature nurtures, Ubiety has created a vegan line of candles, diffusers, and luxury bath and body products. Their products range from woody to earthy and floral, formulated to appeal to both the ladies and the gents. Each is designed to pamper, help you relax, unwind, and remain grounded.

Full Transparency

Ubiety is fully transparent, ensuring that all their bath and body products are 98 to 100 percent naturally derived. For example, made with pure essential oils opposed to synthetic fragrance. They use soy wax instead of beeswax and their products are packaged mostly in glass, with as little plastic as possible. This provides you and your family with clean and green products that are safe, gentle, and healthy.

Dorothy House Hospice Care

It’s not unique to donate a portion of proceeds to charity, but Ubiety gives 100% of their profit back to Dorothy House Hospice Care. In fact, the luxury brand was founded as an additional revenue stream for Dorothy House. Dorothy House is a charitable hospice that provides free, palliative and end of life care services in Bath and North East Somerset, and parts of Somerset and Wiltshire. Their in-house aromatherapists helped design a therapeutic and luxurious range of products.

We are excited to stock Ubiety products at Duck & Hive! Check them out in our Gifts for Anxiety, Insomnia & Stress section.

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