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Creating The Perfect Centrepiece

You can certainly set your dining room table without a centrepiece but for special occasions you may want to elevate your table décor. Not to worry if you aren’t sure where to begin as these tips will help.

Go Long Not Tall

When selecting the decorative elements for a dining room centrepiece avoid the natural temptation to select items with height. If vases and décor are too tall guests won’t be able to see who is sitting across from them. Instead, create a long and low to medium design that is thin enough that it doesn’t disrupt your table setting. There are some instances where tall elements are appropriate. For example, tall and skinny vases or candles sticks won’t obstruct view. Or if you are decorating an oversized table, such as a round table at a wedding reception, feel free to design an oversized centrepiece.

Use A Table Runner

A table runner adds to the beauty of your design, but more importantly, it helps keep your centepiece centered on the table. Your table runner should be in a contrasting colour to

your tablecloth or table. Maybe a white tablecloth with a gold, silver, or natural runner. Your runner should also contrast with your centrepiece. Have fun by choosing a natural fibre, metallic runner, pattern, or a bold pop of colour.

Incorporate Seasonal Elements

Always try to add a seasonal item to your centrepiece to add colour and texture. This could be flowers, fruit, autumn leaves, or pine cones. When selecting fruit for decoration make sure it is vibrant in colour and blemish-free. If you use flowers you can arrange them yourself or you can order a centrepiece or a few mini bouquets.

Add Centrepieces To Side Tables

While your dining room table might be the first thing that comes to mind, you can create seasonal and year-round centrepiece displays on your entryway and side tables. This is where you can play with size and scale. Even if the table is small, fill it with a decorative grouping using a combination of vases, bowls, and candles to create a colour story in your room.

Here’s to a centrepiece everyone will be talking about!

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