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Duck & Hive Staff Picks; February

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Today, we're launching a brand new series, where we're asking each of our staff members to tell us about their favourite products. I'm Deia, the blog editor, and I'll be kicking things of this month by rounding up my six favourite products, in no particular order.


We're all in the same boat right now, and so I've been loving the lockdown cards in our collection. I think they're such a good way of telling a friend you're thinking about them at this difficult time.

I also love our selection of friendship cards- there are some really great ones, like this, that let someone know how important they are to you without being too cliche.


'Vogue' has been setting trends since 1892; it's had more influence on the world of fashion and style than any other publication. If you're interested in fashion history, this book is a brilliant glimpse into the Vogue archives.

If you know someone who loves literature, you'll know the particular struggle of trying to find a book they'll like that they haven't already read. This brilliant subscription box lets you leave the work to the experts.


Fairy Lights make any space 100% more cosy, and this set is especially gorgeous. They give off a gentle, warm light that adds ambiance to any space.

These pod atomisers are so worth the money. They aren't only a good way of scenting your home without smoke, they also create a cool light feature, and the mist they produce can even be good for dry skin!

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