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Everyone Deserves a Little Hygge

If you don't already know, hygge is a Danish word that embodies a simple, clutter-free lifestyle that has become popular among home decorators looking to add some hygge to their life. The following tips will help you understand how to add hygge to your home.

Tip 1: String up the fairy lights

Fairy lights (or twinkle lights) are a staple in modern hygge décor. Fairy lights add charming warmth with the added bonus of being a practical way to provide more light to certain areas of your home. Avoid harsh or bright lights, however—stick to warm and soft bulbs that won’t be overwhelming.

Tip 2: Choose a neutral colour scheme

Hygge needs to be simple and relaxing, which means avoiding wild colour schemes with intense shades. Instead, opt for a neutral colour scheme with plenty of pastel shades

such as cream colours.

Tip 3: Add layers of texture to your home

Hygge needs to be relaxing and peaceful, but that doesn't mean boring! You can liven up your hygge space by adding plenty of texture. Look for natural textures, such as wool, wood, flowers, and plants.

Tip 4: Make it cosy

One of the tenants of hygge as a décor and lifestyle concept is the promoting of comfort and cosiness. Make your home cosier by adding lots of soft blankets, comfortable cushions, foot rests and nooks and corners where you can curl up with a good book, a cup of coffee, and a warm throw.

Everyone deserves to experience the simplicity, warmth and happiness of this ultra-snug Nordic style so be sure to incorporate the above tips into your home décor - after all everyone deserves a little hygge!

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