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FYI, It's Totally Possible to Decorate on a Budget

It's getting to the point in the year where we start to think about getting the decoration box down, putting up the tree and adding a festive touch to the home. If you're reaching a point where you're sick of the same decorations year after year, you aren't alone. The good news is that there are lots of ways to change up your festive decor on a budget.

If you're particularly handy, there are lots of ways to make your own decorations- you could consider putting a ribbon on your front door or making your own wreath. If that's a little beyond your DIY capabilities, you could always consider making over the ornaments you already have- spray glue and glitter will take you far, and spray paint can take you even farther.

If you're pressed for time, there are also lots of really cheap bits you can buy to upgrade your decorations- fairy lights will instantly add a Christmassy feel to any room, and smaller items like plain, coloured baubles and lametta will also create the feel that way more effort has been put into the decoration than it has.

These lights give off a beautiful, warm light that will make any room seem cozy and festive.

Finally, the last thing you'll need to do is find some 'hero pieces'- small, deliberate touches that tie everything else together. Consider a wreath or ornament that will match the decor, and draw the eye.

This wreath will give any home an immediate festive touch, and it will also match any colour story, so you'll be able to use it year after year.

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