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Here's How to Prepare for the Perfect Christmas

Unless you're superhuman, you've probably had at least one Christmas where the magic was ruined by being stressed out of your mind about getting ready for the big day. To make December less stressful, we've put together some tips to make preparation easier.

1. Start Soon

It's the most obvious trick in the book, but with Christmas getting earlier every year, it's

worth reassessing when to start planning. If you haven't started already, this is a sign-

get going ASAP.

2. Factor in COVID

Shops are shut right now and whilst they'll hopefully open up by Christmas, it's worth

placing orders with online retailers now rather than waiting and getting caught up in the


3. Get Organised

Sit down and write two definitive lists- one for people you want to send cards to and

one for people you'd like to send presents.

4. Budget

Once you're all organised, you can start to think about what your budget is and how

much you want to spend on each gift- this gives you a good jumping off point to start

saving. Also, consider sites like ours, which have a laybuy service that will let you pay off

the gift in installments over 6 weeks, interest free.

5. Don't Get Impulsive

Once you've got a budget in place, you should stick to it- don't get tempted by

extraneous items last minute until you're sure you've gotten everything sorted.

6. Act Fast

Think about which items in your list are going to sell out fast- particularly things that

were released recently. If it's a book written 100 years ago, it's not going to sell out as

quickly as an eyeshadow pallette being released for the first time.

7. Cut Out the Middle Man

At least half of Christmas stress comes from having to wrap presents, write cards and

then make sure they all get delivered on time. Instead, consider a low-cost wrapping

and card writing service like this, which will mean less stress for you.

8. Take Time for Yourself

Remember that this is about the joy of giving gifts, and that it really is the thought that

counts, as cliché as it sounds, so let yourself take time out every so often. You could

even consider treating yourself!

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