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How To Enjoy a Low Key New Year’s Eve at Home

New Year's Eve is not a holiday you'd traditionally associate with staying at home, which means it's going to be a more difficult one to manage whilst in lockdown. Although that's a sad thought for many of us, it doesn't mean that this NYE won't be any fun at all. Here are a few ideas for celebrating in a COVID secure way and ringing in 2021 right.

Spa Evening

This hasn't exactly been the most relaxing year, so spending the last moments of 2020 and the first moments of 2021 relaxing with a glass of champagne is a great way to start the year in a balanced way with a positive, calm outlook.

A great way to start out your evening is by setting good intentions for the year.

If you need some help on the self-reflection front, these are great for prompting meaningful insights.

There's nothing more relaxing than a warm bath to detox after a difficult year.

Start the year off right by pampering yourself a little.

Game Night

If you're able to celebrate with family, a game night is a great way to close out the year! Pick up some new, exciting games and spend the start of 2021 challenging yourselves and each other.

This foosball/ air hockey combo is hilarious fun for the whole family.

This game challenges you to be both quick-thinking and creative within the 20 second time limit.

Host a Fancy Dinner Party

Grab whoever you're in a bubble with, and turn your dining area into a restaurant. Whip up a fancier meal than you normally would, get some nice alcohol, and spend the night eating good food in good company.

Himalayan salt has a complex flavour profile, which means that anything cooked on it will come out tasting like it's been professionally made.

This Indonesian fresh pepper is the perfect topping to any meal.

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