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How to Have the Best Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is approaching fast, and with less than a month to go, you might have already started thinking about how to update a stay-at-home holiday so it stands out in a year already defined by staying at home. Here are some great ideas to keep you and your family entertained and occupied.

Going to See the Lights

If you live near a city, or in a neighborhood with lights, go and wander around and look at them once it gets dark- you could even compete to see who can spot the best lights, or try rating each set.

Having A Film Night

Pick a film or two you all love and have a movie night to end Christmas Eve- not only will this leave you with lovely memories tied to the film you pick, but it's also a great way of getting kids to sit still as it gets closer to the evening.

Cooking a Meal

Having a special Christmas Eve Meal is a tradition a lot of families already have, and a great one to start if you don't already. Why not try making it altogether, or asking the kids to create cookies or a gingerbread house for desert? To add a bit of fun, you could even get personalised baking sets for them!

Building A Pillow Fort

This works especially well if you have young kids- simply put them to work building the best possible pillow fort as a venue for whatever activities you have planned for Christmas Eve. To add a little magic, why not consider buying some beautiful fairy lights for them to put inside?

Tracking Santa

There are lots of sites that will let your kids believe that they're 'tracking Santa' as he makes his way across the globe- simply set it up and leave them in charge of checking and watch as Santa inches closer and the excitement mounts.

Getting Ready for Santa

An oldie but a goodie- this could be kept short and sweet by doing it the traditional way with mince pies and carrots, but if you want to spin it out into a bigger thing, you could ask your kids to bake Santa some cookies themselves, or even try making reindeer food with edible glitter and oatmeal and then leaving it outside. Better still, buy some pretty stationery and have your kids write notes to Santa, and then he can 'write back' in the night.

Reading A Book

If you've got kids, finish off the day by reading a Christmassy story with them- we'd particularly recommend 'The Night Before Christmas' because it's easy for them to read along with you.

'The Night Before Christmas' Personalised Edition- £22.95

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