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How to Refocus on Achieving Your Ambitions This Spring

Spring is finally upon us, and lots of us are feeling a lot more energised and ready to get productive after a long winter. If you're feeling a bit aimless right now, maybe this spring is a good time to refocus on your short and long term ambitions. Whilst that can seem like a difficult thing to do in lockdown, there are actually lots of tiny changes you can make to your life that will help you to make steps towards those goals.

Know What Your Ambitions Are

This sounds like an obvious step, but it is one that a lot of people miss out on or do wrong. You'll want to write them down somewhere, ideally in a productivity journal you keep specifically for this reason.

Don't just write one big goal; this will make your dream seem far off and hard to obtain. It's good to write your biggest long-term professional ambitions in, but also write in your short-term ambitions, as well as your personal goals - these could be things like getting enough sleep, or improving your mental health. Writing in lots of smaller goals will help you see your progress better and make your long-term ambitions more achievable.

Figure Out What's Holding You Back

If you aren't moving towards your ambitions in the way you'd like to be, do some introspection and try to figure out why. It's important not to blame yourself whilst doing this- that won't make you feel more optimistic about achieving your ambitions and it won't make you feel good at all. Instead, look for the root cause of the problem; for example, if you struggle to focus, the issue could be that your workspace is distracting, or that you aren't getting enough sleep.

Take Good Advice

Find people who are successful in your field, and listen to any advice they have. It's definitely worth seeing what experts in your field publish online and in books, and learning all you can from those resources. Plus, plenty of people are willing to give some advice to someone just starting out in their field, if you're outgoing enough to reach out and ask- if they don't have any advice themselves they might still be able to introduce you to someone who does.


Introduce yourself to people who have similar ambitions to you, especially those who've also made steps towards those ambitions. These will likely be your peers or even your competitors the further you get towards those goals, and so having those connections will serve you really well later on.

Take Care of Yourself

We say this a lot, but you won't be achieving anything if you aren't looking after yourself properly. Try to focus on getting a good work-life balance so you can be your most productive self, and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve these ambitions.

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