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How to Write Thank-You Notes for NHS Workers

With the second lockdown ending this week, lots of us are thinking about the unprecedented strain a new peak has placed on the doctors, nurses and care staff who keep our healthcare system running. They're working insane hours in full PPE and are now also missing out on valuable family time as the holidays approach. If you'd like to show your appreciation by sending a thank-you note, here's some stuff you might need to know.

Where To Send It

You can find any hospital's address online, but first you should decide which specifically you'd like to thank; whilst some people choose to address the note to the hospitals closest to them, others choose to pick the hospitals under the most strain.

Who To Address It To

Although when we think of frontline workers we think specifically of doctors and nurses, but office staff, porters, hospital cleaners and other staff are also having to work overtime to deal with the added strain on the NHS, so it's also worth thanking them.

What To Send:

NHS Hero Card- £2.45

A bright, enthusiastic card to provide a pick-me-up to the frontline workers.

Lots of people haven't stopped at sending cards-they've also sent thoughtful gifts along. If that's something you're interested in doing, it's worth picking something that can be easily shared.

Naive Chocolate- £19.95

Nothing improves your day like chocolate- this collection comprises  Orange Liquorice, Super Dark, Peanut Butter, Spices, Tahini and Incan Berry flavours.

When writing your card, there are no rules- as long as the card is authentic and heartfelt it will be appreciated. However, try to keep it light and positive- it should be a nice reminder that the work these heroes do is seen and appreciated for how difficult it is.

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