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Interior Design Colours That Calm

If you are looking to create a tranquil space in your home, it all starts with choosing the right colours. When it comes to interior design, we must think beyond the hues we like to wear or are naturally attracted to, as our favourite colours don’t always work as a primary focus in our homes. Especially if the goal is to find colours that calm and soothe.

Wall Colour

Walls are the largest space in your room so selecting the right colour is vital. Shades of light to medium grey, green, and blue are top picks for relaxation. White is also a soothing colour, but to liven white up, choose a white wallpaper. This could be a white pattern or white mixed with silver, gold, grey, green, or blue. When using wallpaper make sure the size and scale of the pattern are neither too overpowering or dainty. You can also make solid white walls pop with wainscoting or decorative moulding.

Creating A Colour Story

There are two primary ways to choose the remaining colours in each room. The first is to create a “shades of” design. Don’t worry, as there’s nothing naughty here! We’ve all seen contemporary homes that are shades of a singular colour, such as white, blue, or grey.

The key to making this type of design work is to choose a variety of textures, patterns, and prints. The second approach is to choose your contrasting colours using a colour wheel.

The colours directly across the wheel create the most contrast, making your room more comfortable and visually appealing.

Neutrals For Every Design

No matter what colours you use in your home, some neutrals go with every design aesthetic. Clear crystal, silver, gold, and natural wood can be used to accessorize almost any room.

This includes your vases, candle holders, picture frames, wall art, lamps, and more. The most beautiful things are found in nature, so the green of plants goes with every home interior, as well as fresh flowers in any colour.

Here’s to your calming new space!

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