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The Perfect Valentine's Day Dinner Date- from the Comfort of Your Own Home

For lots of couples, this will be the first year they can't mark their Valentine's Day with a special meal together in a restaurant. If the thought of forgoing this Valentine's tradition is getting you down, maybe you should consider trying to recreate a restaurant setting at home. You could set this up as a surprise for your partner, or even try setting it up together for added fun! To get you started, here are some helpful ideas and tips.

Picking the Meal

If you don't have a particular meal that means something to you, a good idea might be to try to make something you wouldn't ordinarily try to make. If dinner together is normally a quick affair, try making something you can really take your time perfecting and getting right, like any of the recipes from 'Slow'. If not, why not pick up a recipe book you don't already own and try making something you've not tried before? We personally love the recipes in 'Persiana'.

Creating the Restaurant

Aside from the food, the nice thing about being in a restaurant is the atmosphere; the environment you eat in is carefully designed to make you feel comfortable and happy. One of the most important ways in which the designers do this is with ambient lighting. Another important thing is the details- the little things that elevate your experience beyond a normal meal at home, like the gorgeous table settings and accessories. If you're really trying for authenticity, try printing your own menus.

The Drinks Menu

Getting higher quality drinks will also help you to recreate a nicer date environment- it's definitely worth grabbing something you wouldn't ordinarily, or even getting a nice bottle of champagne to split between you. For an extra treat, try buying a tasting set and trying something new!

Keeping the Conversation Going

A good date needs good conversation, so if you want to move away from your usual dinner chit chat, you could try grabbing a conversation menu, which will stimulate new conversations and really make the date feel special.

Making the Effort

Take the excuse to get dressed up! Invest in a new fragrance or a nice accessory and get into the Valentine's day spirit by getting ready like you would for any other date.

Enjoy It!

At the end of the day, the only important thing is that you get to spend time with the person you love, so don't sweat the small things, and instead, focus on enjoying yourself.

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