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You Deserve It—Why Me Time Is Worth It

If creating space for quality me time is low on your priorities, it’s time to shift your mindset. Most of us put self-care on the bottom of our to-do list focusing our time on what is seemingly more productive. Not only do you deserve time for yourself but carving out just a few hours a week can make a world of difference.

The Space For Perspective

When we remain consumed by our schedule a week or month can fly by in a flash. Taking time away might seem like a loss, but it is always a gain. By turning off your racing mind, which is easier said than done, you can get enough distance to return to the daily grind with a fresh new perspective. By committing to creating balance in your day you will minimise stress and anxiety, and boost productivity.

Start Small

The ultimate goal is to work towards larger blocks of me time. This could be anything from spending time in nature to reading for pleasure, scheduling a massage, taking a yoga class, or enjoying your favourite hobby. Work your way up to these larger time commitments by starting small. Begin your day by writing 10 things you are grateful for, doing a 10 minute guided meditation, or eating your lunch away from your desk. Squeeze in a few of these mini moments throughout the day and you will quickly feel the difference.

Me Time Doesn’t Have To Be Solo

A large portion of your me time should be time spent solo, but me time doesn’t always have to be spent alone. Your me time could be date night with your partner, brunch with the ladies, a family vacation, or a group class in something you’ve always wanted to try. As long as the people you are with and the activity you have selected bring you joy it counts as me time!

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