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11 Must-Have Items on Your Pregnancy Wish List (Or Great Gifts for Your Pregnant Friends!)

Pregnancy is a joyful time, but it’s also a time of planning and preparation. There’s a lot to do before your little one arrives and the list of items you will need grows every day. Along with the usual suspects – prams, cots, feeding bottles, dummies, flannels, etc. – your wish list should have some fun items and products just for you too.

Baboo Boxes are carefully curated for each trimester of pregnancy to help you cope with the challenges and celebrate the victories of this emotional journey.

Each trimester, you will automatically receive the corresponding box until your little one is born. There are four trimester boxes, with the fourth trimester being The Final Delivery. Boxes contain around eight items related to your current trimester, such as:

· Wooden massage rollers (to help with those aches and pains)

· Ginger sweets (to help with morning sickness)

· Body butters (for self-care and to prevent stretch marks)

· Bra extenders (so you don’t have to buy new bras – yet)

· Leg gel (to help with puffy ankles and feet)

A Baboo Box subscription gift is a lovely surprise and makes a wonderful gift for expectant mums.

Pregnancy is tough, both physically and mentally. A little pampering can make you feel good and soothe your nerves.

Ubiety’s Frankincense & Lavender Calming Body Salve contains skin-nourishing ingredients like shea butter and natural oils to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Scents of lavender, frankincense, yarrow and clary sage bring a feeling of calm and peace. Birch water soothes irritated skin.

After the baby is born, you won’t get too many moments to yourself. Ubiety’s body salve allows you to indulge in a little pampering (guilt-free) when you have some time and energy.

Colouring can be meditative, and when you’re stressed during your pregnancy, this one simple activity can help you stay calm.

The Doodle & Dream colouring book features beautiful, calming patterns that will keep your mind focused on the present moment. Each design is accompanied by an inspirational quote to shift your perspective and focus on the positives.

You're tired. Your feet hurt. You haven’t slept properly in days. Pregnancy is no walk in the park. If you’re feeling tired and stressed, Spacemasks will transport you out of this world and into a deep state of relaxation.

These self-heating eye masks have a subtle scent of jasmine to ease tension and promote relaxation.

If you’re having trouble sleeping or just need some time out to ease your anxiety or stress, a Spacemask is a lovely treat.

It may feel early to start buying baby books, but The Willoughby Book Club has a delightful subscription box for books aimed at babies 0-12 months. Choose from 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions.

Each delivery comes with a gift-wrapped book and a personal message. Plus, The Willoughby Book Club will donate one book to Book Aid International for every subscription box sold.

This is a wonderful gift for the end of your pregnancy or just after you welcome your little one into this world.

Your little one will be here before you know it. Welcome To The World is a lovely book that will help you celebrate your new arrival. Join the main character, a baby elephant, on a journey to discover everything the world has to offer.

Welcome To The World is an excellent keepsake, and it includes space for you to write personal messages.

Time goes by in the blink of an eye. Children grow so quickly. Even though your little one isn’t here yet, now is a great time to think about some of the things you want to say to your child as he or she grows up.

Messages For You As You Grow includes 16 hand-illustrated envelopes that are ready to be filled with your own personal messages. High-quality notepaper is included with each envelope as well as fun stickers to make your messages more personal.

If you’re feeling stressed, emotional or tired, cosying up with a soft, warm blanket can help you relax. Add a hot cup of tea and you’re ready for a much-needed nap.

The Double Velvet Faux Rabbit Fur Blanket is incredibly soft and warm. Use it to cuddle up on the sofa with a good book or as an extra layer of warmth in bed.

After your little one arrives, you’ll appreciate having this blanket around when you fall asleep in the rocking chair.

Now is a great time to catch up on some reading. Once your bundle of joy arrives, you will be on your feet from dawn until dusk.

The Willoughby Book Club has 3-, 6- and 12-month subscription options, and you can choose from a wide range of genres, including cookery, classics, natural history, gardening, contemporary and more. Bespoke options are also available.

Each month, you will receive a carefully selected book that’s been beautifully gift wrapped. It’s a wonderful treat for book lovers.

Craving chocolate? Pump Street Chocolate offers an entire library of chocolate bars to get you through those tough times. Don't worry – chocolate is safe to eat as long as you keep your caffeine, sugar and calorie intake in check.

In other words, however tempting, don’t eat the whole library in one sitting!

This lovely collection of chocolate includes ten bars along with notecards that tell you the origin and cacao percentage. Indulge in chocolate from all over the world, including Grenada, Ecuador, Jamaica, Madagascar and more.

When your cravings or emotions get the best of you, nibbling on one of these luxurious chocolate bars may save the day.

Whether you love or hate pregnancy, there’s no question that you’re thrilled to welcome a new baby into the family. The Happiness Planner is the perfect place to jot down all of your hopes, wishes and positive thoughts for your pregnancy and future.

The Happiness Planner is filled with cheerful pages and prompts to help you stay focused on the positives and face your worries. In the future, this journal will be a wonderful keepsake that you can look back on.

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